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Kayak Crossings

Sea kayaking is usually a dry sport — surprising, considering that you sit about 15cm below the waterline, elbows about 15cm above.
Not so with serious open-water crossings.  For example, Duane Strosaker has kayaked to nearly every island off southern California.  His adventures include remote San Clemente Island, more than 50 miles offshore.  SCI is a naval [...]


It has long bugged me that there are few information sources for what I call “green sports.”  By this I mean not just environmental friendliness, but physical activity with the following qualities:

Powered by human or renewable energy.
Aesthetics, exploration and adventure — not “winning.”
Controllable risks.
Minimalism, punctuated by cool specialized gadgetry.

Examples of such weirdsporten include sea kayaking, [...]