Kayak Sails


I’m not dogmatic.  Must I personally supply every erg to propel my kayak from point A to point B?  No.  That would be extreme, and in some cases, unsafe. Plus, I just like the idea of kayak sails like this item from Pacific Action.

Sometime after my shoulder heals, I plan to make the 11-mile crossing from Oxnard to Anacapa Island, California. I’ve done much more distance than that in my boat, but never miles from shore.

Why not bring a small downwind sail? They’re small, light, effective, and could be considered a form of safety equipment: for example, you could get back to the mainland with no paddle, or with a blown rotator cuff.

Another way to look at it:  greatly increased range. On a downwind leg you could steer with the foot pedals while eating lunch. Or you could easily do an extended trip through the Bahamas, ending with a crossing to Florida. Lots of options.

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